Smoky Splendor Sushi Set

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Enjoy a Smoky Splendor Sushi Set as a gift for an anniversary, birthday or other special occasion.

The sushi serving set has two oblong ebony-colored sushi plates that feature upturned edges all around - along with a sliver of rust wedged in one corner. This smashing sushi gift set includes two small sauce dishes that mirror the sushi plates.  The final touch are two golden chopsticks to complement this lovely sushi set for two.

This special black sushi set is ideal serving your favorite sushi dishes and will make a wonderful gift to anyone who loves to eat their sushi at home.

Material: Porcelain
Dishwasher Safe
Packaging: Gift Box

Sushi Plate 7.75 (L) X 4.75 (W) inches
Sauce Dish 3.25 (L) 2.5 (W)
Chopsticks 9 (L)