Red Crane Premier Bowl Set for Rice, Noodle or Chirashi

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A delightful white crane spreads its wings against a red decorative background in this wonderful Red Crane Premier Bowl Set that can be used to serve a rice, noodle, or Chirashi sushi. Setting a table with this lovely Japanese sushi set will make everyone take notice.

The large 30-fluid-ounce bowl sits majestically on its wooden trivet covered with a matching wooden lid to keep the soup or rice warm. Snugly nestled on top of the lid, you will find a pair of chopsticks and delightful red spoon that makes it easy to serve guests.

As a sushi dish set, it is a great idea that will delight anyone who receives it and make it easy for someone to use when serving with their favorite sushi serving set.

Bowl 6.25 (D) X 3.25 (H) inches - 30 fl. oz
Spoon 5 (L)
Lid 6.5 (D) X 1 (H)
Trivet 7.5 (D) X 0.5 (H)
Chopsticks 9.75 (L)

Material: Porcelain and Wood
Bowl: Dishwasher Safe
Packaging: Gift Box
Made in Japan