Peacock Blossoms Sushi Set

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Do you need anniversary gift ideas or birthday gift ideas that are more innovative? Why not consider this lovely Royal Blue Tapestry Sushi Set that is sure to garner lots of attention from everyone. With its distinctive pattern it is sure to be a crowd pleaser and the perfect unique gift idea for men or women.

This sushi serving set gives you sushi plates for two that consists of two large oblong sushi plates but the pattern is what adds zest to the purchase! In a royal blue, light blue and white diamond shaped design, the sushi plates really stand out in the crowd and will brighten any table even before you pile on the food!  As a decorative sushi making set, you could display the plates rather than use them as they are so eye catching! A pair of matching soy sauce dishes like to be different as they are round instead of squared off like the sushi plates.

This makes them even more interesting and adds a more drama to the table décor! Two pairs of golden brown chopsticks complete this unique sushi gift set and make it the ideal purchase for gift bask ideas or graduation gift ideas that are sure to be different than anything else received! This delightful Royal Blue Tapestry Sushi Set make a romantic gift idea for women or for men and should not be overlooked if Valentine gift ideas are under discussion. After all – there is nothing better than a romantic dinner for two!

Material: Porcelain
Dishwasher Safe
Packaging: Gift Box

Sushi Plate  8-1/2 (L) X 5 (W) inches
Soy Sauce Dish  3-1/2 (D) X 1-1/4 (H)
Chopsticks  9 (L)