Winter White Sushi Plate

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A gleaming Winter White Rectangular Sushi Plate makes a wonderful start to a sushi set and one that will fit well in any home. This serving dish gently curves up on each end ensuring that no food will spill over the sides. With its basic white finish it is a neutral color that will not detract from your sushi serving set but rather be a demure container for a colorful array of sushi or other delectable treat that you display there.

As a wedding gift idea or anniversary gift idea, it is outstanding and will be a welcome addition to any household that can easily be part of any contemporary home décor. It should also be considered as a Christmas gift idea for men or women or a wonderful corporate gift idea. Whatever the occasion, this pretty ceramic sushi plate will be appreciated and become a staple for serving at parties or family dinners.

Material: Porcelain
Dishwasher Safe
Packaging: Loose

10-5/8 (L) x 5-1/2 (W) inches