Light Natural Bamboo Mat

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If you need to look for a creative gift idea for a teacher or for mom, why not get a pair of these Light Natural Bamboo Mats to be used for a sushi dinnerware for two?

These natural bamboo mats are interwoven by thread and feature hand sewn fabric borders to provide the ideal finish to an appealing place mat that will protect your table while providing the perfect background for your sushi serving set.

With lots of room to place sushi plates, soy sauce dishes and sake serving sets, you will be pleased with this unique gift idea. Cheap gift ideas are difficult, but this one is perfect as it is something that everyone can use so you can make it a gift basket idea, gift idea for Valentine’s Day or as a Xmas gift idea as a token of your appreciation.

These lovely mats can make great housewarming or shower gift ideas because they are not something everyone thinks of. Hand sewn woven bamboo mats are ideal gift ideas for teachers or Mother’s Day gift ideas too. Sometimes the obvious choices are the ones we fail to see, but original gift ideas are fun to receive – and they are fun to give as well!

18 (L) X 12 (W) inches