Slate Blue Sushi Set for Two

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With a deep water look that is very appealing, the Slate Blue Sushi Set offers a wonderful start to an evening meal for two. The sushi plates offer a long slim profile punctuated with a shallow grooves to hold the sushi in place and a squared off corner is meant to hold the soy sauce for your meal.

Two pairs of chopsticks with a golden hue are adorned with a band of slate blue to match the beauty of the Japanese sushi plate. The porcelain dark blue is very appealing and suitable as gift ideas for a boyfriend, mom or your favorite Valentine. If you are planning a romantic sushi making at home evening, you will be pleased with this versatile sushi gift set that is ideal for gift ideas for men or graduation gift ideas for a student just starting out in the world.

The Slate Blue Sushi Set also offers the perfect corporate gift ideas for clients who you want to impress or gift ideas for Dad who is always looking for something different. The beauty of the deep blue sushi plate set is that it will go with any décor and adds its own special look to your table.

Material: Porcelain
Dishwasher Safe
Packaging: Loose
Made in Japan

Plate 13 (L) X 4 (W) inches
Chopsticks  9(L)