4-year-old dog runs a sweet potato stand

Posted by Sadao Sasaki on

sweet potato stand runned by dog

A small hot sweet potato stall in Sapporo, Japan is drawing international attention.  Why?  Because the vendor is a cute 4-year-old Shiba dog named Ken.  There is nobody else in the shop.  The poochie is running the store all by itself. 

Customers visiting the shop to buy hot sweet potato drop 200 yen ($2) into a box and take one while having a friendly chat with Ken. 

The idea of doggie hot sweet potato stand came to Mr. Murayama, the director of Housing for the Disabled when he was looking for ways to help dogs with no home.  All proceeds from hot sweet potato sale go to protect unadopted dog from being euthanized.

The baked sweet potato stand was soon featured by a local media and the story went viral through social media.  Ken the furry hot sweet potato vendor is a hero among those who could have been euthanized.