Square Winter White Soy Sauce Dispenser

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An accessory that many people forget about with their sushi set is to have a container for soy sauce so that it is more attractive and makes a better presentation. This charming Square Winter White Soy Sauce Dispenser makes a bold statement with its square slim design that features a cute little spout reaching out from one corner.

To fill it you can lift the round lid with the little knob making it easy for you. With its minimalist look, it will fit into any home décor or any sushi sets that you already have making it versatile as well! As a gift idea for her it makes sense as a birthday gift idea or a holiday gift idea that is inexpensive but practical as well. Cheap Christmas gift ideas are always appreciated – especially today – and this one is not only inexpensive but it will get lots of use as well!

Material: Porcelain
Dishwasher Safe
Packaging: Loose

3(L) X 1-3/4(W) X 4(H) inches