Soleil Sushi Set for Two

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The sun’s red-orange fire burns in the center of the Soleil sushi set, surrounded by concentric rings of black in white in varying widths.  Red stands for happiness and prosperity, black means knowledge and self-cultivation and white is the color of peace and purity. 

What a magnificent combination of forces!  And of course, there is no more traditionally oriental combination of colors for your dining room décor than black and red.  Each of the two plates in this set is a large round with matching soy sauce dishes that are deeply sloped with pure white on the outside.

Chopsticks are black tipped in red for maximum impact.  These are sushi dishes that shout instead
of whispering – bold, graphic and exciting with a graphic element that demands notice.

Material: Porcelain
Dishwasher Safe
Packaging: Gift Box

Sushi Plate  7-1/2 (D) inches
Soy Sauce Dish  3-1/2 (D) X 1-3/4 (H)
Chopsticks  9 (L)