Salmon Orange - Sushi Dining Set for Two

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This sushi dining set makes a perfect gift for sushi lovers.  Dress your dinner table with something out of the ordinary - a delightful surprise to  your dinner guests!  The set includes two fan-shaped plates, two sauce dishes and two pairs of black chopsticks with orange top.  

The plates and dishes are made of ceramic. The vibrant color and the elegant shape add an element of intrigue to your table.   The plates, dishes and the chopsticks are beautifully coordinated.  Add fun and excitement to everyday dining experiences.  

Material: Porcelain
Dishwasher Safe
Packaging: Gift Box

Sushi Plate  8 (L) X 8 (W) X 1-1/4 (H) inches
Soy Sauce Dish  2-3/4 (D) X 1-1/4 (H)
Chopsticks  9-1/8(L)