Peacock Blossoms Sushi Bowl Set

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A delightful Peacock Blossoms Sushi Bowl Set makes a wonderful gift basket idea or birthday gift idea for a special friend. With a royal peacock blue background, these four bowls are decorated randomly with tiny white blossoms that are sprinkled haphazardly across the inside and outside of the round bowls. As a decorative addition to your home, these lovely bowls can be used for any number of things including rice, or soup, or as serving dishes for other things.

The beauty of the simple design makes them an impressive gift idea for women or for your mom. They are very feminine but provide the ideal holiday gift idea or gift idea for your wife. If you want a creative gift idea this bowl set is the best gift idea of all. After all, everyone can always use a set of bowls as an original gift idea everyone will like.

Material: Porcelain
Dishwasher Safe
Packaging: Gift Box
Made in Japan

3-1/2 (D) X 1-1/4 (H) inches