Oriental Lace Sushi Set for Two

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If you want to come up with wedding gift ideas or are looking for holiday gift ideas, you might want to check out the lovely Oriental Lace Sushi Set that will be a dramatic addition to anyone’s table. In shades of navy and pale blue with intricate lace like tendrils adorning the sushi plates, this sushi gift set is sure to please.

The curved oblong sushi plate makes an elegant impression with its upturned ends that are slightly sculpted to form a beautiful shape. Two smaller soy sauce dishes showcase the navy design to bring some contrast to the sushi dish set with its elaborate yet simple lacey design that adds intrigue to any evening. Two pairs of tawny brown chopsticks make the sushi gift set complete and set the scene for an evening that will be memorable.

When you need to come up with Christmas gift ideas or gift basket ideas, the Oriental Lace Sushi dining set will be ideal as it shows what excellent taste you have in great gift ideas. Whether you need corporate gift ideas, romantic gift ideas, or Valentine gift ideas, you can never go wrong with an elegant sushi plate set that will be an impressive way to ensure that the recipient is pleased with your purchase. After all, everyone loves to get a beautiful sushi gift set that will emphasize what a romantic person you are.

Material: Porcelain
Dishwasher Safe
Packaging: Gift Box

Sushi Plate 8-1/2 (L) X 5-1/2 (W) inches
Soy Sauce Dish  3-1/2 (W) X 2-1/2 (W)
Chopsticks  9 (L)