Black Smoke Sushi Serving Set

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The Black Smoke Sushi Plate Set is perfect for sushi making at home. If you need a graduation gift idea or a boyfriend gift idea, why not give him this black sushi set? As a sushi dinner set, it provides a wonderfully unique long sushi platter that features edges that are upturned as well as ruffled to make it even more attractive as well as useful.

The idea of sushi making at home is showcased with two large sushi plates, two sauce dishes with a divider to enable two sauces, and two pairs of beautiful chopsticks to complete the sushi serving set.

Material: Porcelain
Dishwasher Safe
Packaging: Loose

Platter  13-1/4 (L) x 4 (W) x 1-1/4 (H) inches
Sushi Plate  8-3/4 (L) x 5 (W)
Sauce Dish  5-1/4 (L) x 3-1/2 (W)
Chopsticks  9 (L)