7 pc Green Passage Sushi Serving Set

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When it comes to graduation gift ideas, birthday gift ideas, or any unique gift idea, it is sometimes difficult to come up with something that people will like. This 7 Piece Green Passage Sushi Serving Set is all you need for those people as a sushi gift set is not only different, but it is practical as well. The lovely dark background that is highlighted with lime green on this attractive sushi set will make anyone happy who receives it.

A pair of rectangular sushi plates with upturned scalloped edges look elegant with the long slender sushi platter that has a rounded look while keeping the edges rippled to match the sushi plates. Two sauce dishes divided into two sections and two pairs of golden chopsticks make this sushi dish set one that will be a big hit!

Material: Porcelain
Dishwasher Safe
Packaging: Loose

Platter  13-1/4 (L) x 4 (W) x 1-1/4 (H) inches
Sushi Plate  8-3/4 (L) x 5 (W)
Sauce Dish  5-1/4 (L) x 3-1/2 (W)
Chopsticks  9 (L)