2 pc Lavender Haze Sushi Bowl Set

Regular price $19.95

For those who like something different, this stunning Lavender Haze Sushi Bowl is a great addition to anyone’s table. With its soft azure glow spiked with fingers along the sides of the 17 fluid ounce bowl that is great for soup or serving rice, you will surprise everyone with this distinctive gift.

As an addition to your best sushi dish set, it will stand on its own and command attention. No matter how many sushi serving sets you might have, this stunning bowl can add lots of pizzazz to your table and be excellent as a gift for a favorite friend or family member.

Sushi plates can be easily complemented with this lovely bowl so don’t hesitate in getting one today!

Bowl 5.25 (D) X 2.75 (H) inches - 17 fl. oz

Material: Porcelain
Dishwasher Safe
Packaging: Loose
Made in Japan