11 PC Scarlet Script Sushi and Sake Set

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The perfect wedding gift set for the bridal couple!  Red is the traditional wedding color of the orient and represents good fortune and prosperity, making this a particularly appropriate present for the bride and groom.  Its rich beauty comes from the scarlet red glaze on the two rectangular sushi plates and coordinating soy sauce dishes.  All of the pieces are trimmed in black and feature sections of a poem in Chinese calligraphy etched in black down one side of the dish. 

A matching Sake bottle and four sake cups are also etched with the poem.  The interiors of the cups and bottle are black.  The sake bottle has a flaired opening for easy pouring and dimpled sides for comfortable gripping and less change of spilling your sake.  Two sets of black chopsticks complete the set.  Imagine the newlyweds starting married life by sharing a meal on these lucky – and beautiful – ceramic sushi plates!

Material: Porcelain
Dishwasher Safe
Packaging: Loose

Plate 10-1/8 (L) X 4-3/4 (W) inches
Saucer Dish  4-1/4(L) X 2-3/4(W) X 1-1/8(H)
Chopsticks  8-7/8(L)
Sake Bottle:  2-3/4 (D) x 6-1/2 (H)
Sake Cup:  2 (D) x 1-7/8 (H)