9 PC Black Mist Sushi and Bowl Serving Set for Two

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This classic ceramic sushi set consists of a long sushi plate, two dinner plates two saucers and two rice bowls. If you like to think of your tableware plates as being the blank canvas on which you artfully arrange your sushi then this is the Japanese dishware for you. This dinnerware set is a delicate slightly mottled and weathered ceramic set that looks like iron or stoneware. It is the perfect complement to contemporary decors. This heavier stoneware look also goes surprising well with Mission and Craftsman style furniture.

This set of fine tableware is also one of the universally appropriate birthday gift ideas for either a man or a woman. It is also among one of the nicest gift ideas for boyfriend because it does have a slightly heavier look, like cast iron, that compliments more masculine styles of décor. 

The accompanying chopsticks are also very elegant and like the dishes set are very Zen and simple in nature consisting of a well polished pine wrapped with a matching ‘black mist” binding. This is the Asian equivalent of having matching plate tableware and cutlery, but with a twist.

Material: Porcelain
Dishwasher Safe
Packaging: Loose

Serving Plate  14 (L) X 5 (W) inches
Dinner Plate  7-1/4(L) X 5(W)
Sauce Dish  3(L) X 2-1/2(W) X 1(H)
Bowl  4-1/4 (D) X 2-1/2 (H)
Chopsticks  9(L)