9 Piece Green-Passage Sushi and Tea Set for Two

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Are you seeking wedding gift ideas or holiday gift ideas that are practical as well as unusual? This Green-Passage Sushi and Tea Set features a sushi set, a teapot and cups to accompany your meal.

Christmas gift ideas or birthday gift ideas that offer something different can be challenging. That is why you will find this sushi serving set appealing. With a dramatic design in charcoal with a moss green angled column the sushi plates make a grand entrance. Add miniature soy sauce dishes that copy the same design, and they make their own statement.

A pair of golden yellow and blue gray chopsticks complete the sushi plate set. This sushi gift set sets itself apart because it comes with a round teapot in matching design that offers dark charcoal with green accents, along with a lid with a small round knob to access easily.

The unique teapot has a black handle and a little pouring spout making it easy to fill the small matching tea cups. This practical sushi and tea serving set offers gift ideas for women, for men or Mother’s Day gift ideas and other occasions where you need to find something unique for that special person in your life.

Material: Porcelain
Dishwasher Safe
Packaging: Gift Box

Plate 7-1/4(L) X 5(W) inches
Sauce Dish 3(L) X 2-1/2(W) X 1(H)
Chopsticks  9(L)
Teapot  6-1/2(L) x 5-1/2(W) x 3-1/2(H)
Tea Cup  2
-3/4(D) x 1-3/4(H)