Soy Sauce Dispenser - Genji Green

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For those who eat sushi often or enjoy Asian foods of any kind, an essential accessory to any sushi set is the Genji Green Soy Sauce Dispenser. Resembling a small teapot without its handle, this stylish ceramic serving dish will be a welcome addition to sushi settings.

Instead of having an unattractive bottle of soy sauce on the table, you can keep it stored easily in this container. In soft shades of beige and green this dispenser has a rounded shape with a short spout and small sea green lid and a tan edged brim.

The sea green spills down over the top part of the body and spout with a gradual change in color to beige with green accents. As a small gift for a friend who enjoys the joys of sushi, the addition of this Japanese soy sauce dispenser to any table will be a welcomed.

Material: Porcelain
Dishwasher Safe
Packaging: Loose

4-(W) X 3-1/4(H) inches