Kyoto - Cherry Blossom Sushi Dinner Set for Two

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The Kyoto Cherry Blossom Sushi Set for two is one of the most unusual and charming sets you’ll find. Cherry blossoms have been revered in Japanese art for centuries and are captured here in a stylish sushi service.  Each Japanese sushi plate and sauce dish features a black and gray back drop that’s dappled with flecks of black, but the star of show is the wedge of white in the lower corner of each piece.
Material: Porcelain

Dishwasher Safe
Packaging: Gift Box
Made in Japan

Sushi Plate  8 (L) X 5-1/8 (W) inches
Soy Sauce Dish  3-3/8 (L) X 2-3/4 X 7/8 (H)
Chopsticks  8-7/8 (L)