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9 PC Sandstone Gray Sushi Serving Set
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9 PC Sandstone Gray Sushi Serving Set
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Christmas gift ideas or anniversary gift ideas are often difficult because we are
looking for unique gift ideas that are unusual and something that the person will really
like. The 9 piece Sandstone Gray Sushi Serving Set is a solution that you will find to
be an excellent choice because it provides an unusual gift idea for someone.

This stunning multi-purpose sushi set will create the perfect gift ideas for men or
women. With its handsome glazed finish in a pebble design of blues and grays, it
offers lovely gifts ideas that are practical yet beautiful to be displayed on a table even
when they are not in use. Featuring a large round serving platter that showcases the
ripple effect of the wavy pattern that is very attractive, there are also two rectangular
sushi plates with upturned sides and matching diminutive sauce dishes.

Two round bowls for soup along with two pairs of pretty golden chopsticks with a
lovely blue and gray pattern complete this beautiful sushi serving set that everyone
would love to own. This sushi gift set will complement any home décor and be
beautiful sitting on a table even before you sit down to eat your dinner.

Serving Plate  10(D) inches
Plate 7-1/4(SQ) X 5(W)
Sauce Dish 3-1/4(L) 2-1/2(W) X 1-1/8(H)
Chopsticks  9(L)
Bowl  4-1/4 (D) X 1-3/4 (H)
9 PC Sandstone Gray Sushi Serving Set
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