Material: Porcelain
Dishwasher Safe
Made in China
Packcaging: Loose
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A Trusted Brand of Quality Sushi Dinnerware
Black Mist Sushi Serving Set for Two
This delicate yet solid looking Japanese tableware set consists of two square
dipping dishes, a large serving plate and two dinner plates for presenting sushi and
other Asian delicacies. There is a classic beauty to this Japanese tableware set
whose black background is perfect for making artful arrangements of sushi.

The sushi plate set has a bit of a masculine appearance that resembles stoneware
even though it is delicate fine tableware. This type of Japanese sushi plate set looks
good with decors that have a lot of wood or wrought iron in them. The solid, yet simple
and classic look of this dinner set compliments a lot of decors including
retro-eighties styles, Mission styles, rustic styles, Gothic and contemporary looks.  

This set of Japanese tableware is also unique among
anniversary gift ideas,
birthday gift ideas or Christmas gift ideas because it is universal. Its plain looks make
it a great gift idea for the man in your life who likes to order in or make sushi. The
accompanying chopsticks are an elegant match to the dish set.

Serving Plate  14 (L) X 5 (W) inches
Dinner Plate  7-1/4(L) X 5(W)
Sauce Dish  3(L) X 2-1/2(W) X 1(H)
Chopsticks  9(L)
7 PC Black Mist Sushi Serving Set for Two
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Sake Set
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Black Mist Sushi Serving Set for Two
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