Material: Porcelain
Dishwasher Safe
Made in Japan
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Crimson Soleil Bowl Set
Striking and dramatic, this Crimson Soleil Bowl Set will get your attention immediately
and makes a beautiful rice bowl to accompany your sushi set. Each striking bowl of
the pair features swirls of color that start in the inside bottom of the bowl with the
orange red circle that is surrounded by an ebony layer and then other layers of creamy
white and black ending at the top with a white rim. These rice bowls are accessorized
by two pairs of regal ebony chopsticks that are topped by the orange red tips making
a dazzling display and a great gift idea for any occasion. After all, what could be better
than to plan an intimate dinner with sushi making at home making this the ultimate in
romantic gift ideas? Whether you need a birthday gift idea for a girl friend or a
Valentine’s gift idea, you might want to check out this fantastic set of bowls that will
make a beautiful sushi serving set.

Bowl: 4-3/4 (D) X 2-1/2 (H) inches
Chopsticks: 9 (L)
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