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Sep 27 2014

Ramen Burger is Catching up with Sushi Popularity

Ever since the creation of the first good old American hamburger, its variation has kept growing as someone, somewhere try something new. If people like the new invention, it is like a star is born and everybody has to try it. Today, there are over 30 established types of hamburger. Cheeseburger, barbecue burger, butter burger, and veggie burger to name a few. Recently added to this large list of hamburger types is Ramen Burger. Invented by Keizo Shimamoto, this new mouth-watering burger is easy to make for anyone to try.

Sadao Sasaki

May 27 2014

What to See and Eat in Tokyo

This video is perfect for those who haven’t visited Tokyo and looking to have a variety of cultural experiences. You can basically get around in Tokyo without speaking Japanese. People will help you, but knowing a little bit of Japanese and how to ride a subway train go a long way. Whatever the final destination may be, walking to the location from the nearest subway station can be challenging. Unlike US cities, the streets in Tokyo meander in every directions. A visitor from outside the country may need a sophisticated GPS system to find on his/her way. Even Japanese people who can read all the signs and street names often get lost. This is where asking a stranger with a few Japanese words comes in handy. Ask as many people as you can until you get there.

Sadao Sasaki


May 17 2014

How to Transform Deli Sushi to a Lifestyle Dining Experience

black sushi serving set

black sushi serving set

Back in the day when sushi was only available at restaurants, you would not think of eating sushi at a company lunch room. Today, it is so ubiquitous that if you visit a supermarket, you almost always find a selection of sushi. Eating sushi out of a plastic deli container is OK, but wouldn’t you rather enjoy your sushi on a porcelain sushi plate with someone across the table?

Black Karakusa Sushi Serving Set will make a perfect solution for the ESPC (eating sushi out of plastic container) syndrome. The set comes with a large serving plate, two appetizer size dinner plates, two dipping dishes, and two pairs of chopsticks.

Sadao Sasaki

Feb 11 2014

You Do Not Touch the Toilet Seat in Japan

We Japanese do not want to lift anything heavier than chopsticks. Paper work? Forget it!

Jan 04 2014

Come Visit Us!

People got together and made this video to promote their small town virtually unknown to the rest of Japan.
This is one of the finest examples of how a small town can compete with larger cities known for tourism.
Who doesn’t want to visit a town where people are friendly and smiling where ever you go?