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Aug 18 2014

Best Bento a Mother Can Make for her Child

Olaf Bento

Character Bento

This the second Olaf Bento featured on this blog. There are no tutorials or video demonstrations, but the basic idea can be picked up from the picture. The character is closely recreated in 3D representing the lively expression of Olaf. The bento is not only fun to look at, but is also appealing to palate.

Created by Momo, food blogger, the Olaf bento quickly became popular among mothers of grade school children in Japan. It is born out of a mother’s love for her child who was shy at school and didn’t have friends. Needless to say her child became an instant star of the class when he opened the bento. It is easy to imagine the child experience will remain in his heart as one of his fondest memories.

Sadao Sasaki


Jan 05 2013

How to Make Japanese Style Bento

If you have a son or daughter in grade school, here is the perfect scenario. Your child takes out the bento box from her backpack and open the lid in front of her friends at lunch time. Everybody admires your creation. Your kid suddenly becomes popular and you are regarded as a cool mom. Your child looks up to you and a beautiful mother-and-child relationship is formed. Your family lives happily ever after.

Bento making can be a fun project for you and your child. A little creativity goes a long way.

Jun 09 2012

Misa’s Tofu Panna Cotta with Cherry Tomato Compote

The naming for this recipe is so cool, the Tofu Panna Cotta with Cherry Tomato Compote should be on a dessert menu of a fine restaurant. The amount of time and effort it requires in the process deserves to be on the menu with Century Gothic font. What I find most impressive is the way Misa peels cherry tomatoes. So simple, yet a great technique that can be used in many different recipes.

Credit: Japanese Culinary Studio NYC

Jun 02 2012

How to Marinate Seafood by Curtis Stone – Coles

I love prawns whether they are deep-fried, grilled or marinated. While deep-fried prawns are popular in the US, I prefer marinated prawns because the marinating them bring out the best of the prawns preserving the original texture and flavor. Watching Curtis cook the prawns make my mouth water.

Video Tip:

May 29 2012

What You Need To Know About Tempura Batter – by Curtis Stone – Coles

This is by far the most comprehensive tutorial on how to make tempura batter. Curtis Stone shows and explains everything you need to know when making tempura batter.

Born and raised in the land of tempura, I thought to myself “what could go wrong with tempura making.” Heating the oil too hot ignited fire, the nearby curtain caught on fire, running like a chicken with a head cutoff to put out the fire, and the next thing, the kitchen was full of smoke. That’s what went wrong. Ideally the temperature of the oil should be about 350 degrees (F). Put a drop of batter in the oil. If the batter slowly surfaces, that’s the right temperature.

Video Credit: Curtis Stone – Cole