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Nov 09 2015

How to Make Salmon Avocado Rolls

Here is another easy-to-make sushi recipe from chef Devaux. This salmon avocado roll is so pretty to look at, yet so easy to make. With this sushi recipe, no sushi rice is used. You can forget about the not so creative part of making sushi, which is washing and rinsing rice, and mixing sushi vinegar while fanning until it cools down.

Preparing the avocado is where the fun begins. With a sharp knife, slice as many thin pieces as possible to create a rolling sheet of avocado with each slice overlapping another. One unorthodox approach to this recipe is using raspberry jelly and a brush to add aesthetically pleasing element to the presentation.
Impress your dinner guest with your own salmon avocado rolls.

Sadao Sasaki

Aug 23 2015

How To Make A Carrot Butterfly Garnish

From this video, the process of making a beautiful carrot butterfly garnish looks fairly simple, but it actually involves careful planning combined with an extremely sharp knife with good knife skills.

The reveals what to look out for when slicing the carrot and how to shape it. Slicing the carrot and cucumber may require some practice to get it right. These eye-catching garnish will add so much more to your sushi presentations.
Another great technique invented and shared by Chef Davy Devaux.

Sadao Sasaki

Mar 24 2015

How to Make Teriyaki Chicken Sushi Roll

Who doesn’t like teriyaki chicken? Unlike traditional sushi, having to fight the stigma of being labeled as raw fish in the West for decades before it finally became mainstream Japanese cuisine, teriyaki chicken was an instant hit. Meat in general, no matter how it’s prepared, has always been well accepted in the US. Teriyaki chicken is now ingrained deep in American food culture. Combine these two inventions from Japan, you have teriyaki chicken roll. The recipe is quite simple and it can be served as a snack or a finger food.

Sadao Sasaki

Oct 27 2014

How to Make Salmon and Salmon Roe Sushi

After seeing typical nigiri such as maguro, ebi, and salmon for so many years, it is great to see sushi with a bit of creativity. This Salmon Battleship recipe is innovative in a way the rice is wrapped with a slice of salmon finished with salmon roe filling. I love salmon and ikura just as much. This recipe combines both to provide a new way to enjoy sushi. It is genius and I would love to try it.

Sadao Sasaki

Oct 12 2014

How to Make Spicy Tuna Roll Corn Dog

The Spicy Tuna Roll Corn Dog is definitely not for the sushi purist, but hey, this is America. We need to fry everything. When East, the land of Sushi meets West, the corn dog country, you get Spicy Tuna Roll Corn Dog. It’s not for the corn dog purist either, but it can be a great way for a rookie to ease into sushi.

Sadao Sasaki