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Thank you for visiting MySushiSet.com.

MySushiSet.com is developed to help you find the dinnerware that reflect your
style, color, and size for the right price.
Our fine selection of sushi ware includes Japanese
sushi sets, plates, dishes, trays,
platters, placemats, chopsticks, soy sauce dishes and soy sauce dispensers.

For the Artist in You
We have a great selection of tableware to satisfy your needs for artistic expression.
The selection is devided into major color themes to help you complete the color
scheme.  The
themes includes red, blue, black, white, and green.  Decorate your
table with
contemporary, authentic Japanese, or oriental style sushi plate set.

For Discount Sushi Set Seekers
We have a selection of low priced sets for your budget.  The discount includes
under $40, $30, and $20.

For Sushi Party
The Party Size Plate collection is a good place to start if you are looking for sushi
trays and serving dishes with the right size and color to entertain a group of guests.

For Gift Giving
Any item you find on our site makes a lovely gift for sushi lovers. Our Sushi and
Tea Sets are a great gift idea for wedding, anniversary, birthday, house-warming,
Valentine's Day, or Christmas.

For Sushi Making
Whether you are a sushi chef or starting to learn how to make sushi, you need the
right tableware to complete your creation.  The right selection of supplies goes
hand in hand with your recipe.  Our decorative selection surpasses the ones you
see at your favorite japanese restaurant in style and artistic representation.  Your
creation will look great on a plate you choose.

For Collection
If you are looking for authentic Japanese plates, this is where you can find them.  
The Japanese sushi plates will make excellent addition to your tableware collection.

Your feedback and comments are very important to us.  Please feel free to contact
us and give us suggestions so that we can serve you better.



Kay Sasaki
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